Printing Industry’s Association of Australia’s 10 years of environmental and sustainability leadership

The weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner It’s wonderful to get a response to the Verdigris blogs, especially responses pointing out mistakes. We’ve had a correction relating to the serial rant about how industry associations don’t do enough to support sustainability and the environment, so we’d like to set the record straight. The serial rant … Read more

First Certification to ISO 20690 (Determination of the operating power consumption of digital printing devices)

The weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner As certifications go, this is probably not desperately exciting to most people. But to the people behind the document (including me), it is very exciting indeed, especially since SwissQPrint, a leading manufacturer of large format digital printers, has achieved certification within a few months of the document’s publication. … Read more

It’s Still All About the Data

The weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner For many years now the graphics industry has benefited from cloud computing, initially with the Software-as-a-Service model pioneered by Agfa and latterly with a growing range of subscriber based cloud services. Adobe started the cloud ball rolling some years ago with CSS subscriptions and HP has developed the … Read more

Spreading the sustainability message – Part 4

The weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner This is the fourth part of a series of blogs suggesting ideas for topics addressed in environmental policy statements. Industry associations serving the needs of journalists, illustrators, designers, authors, publishers, printers and so on are largely passive when it comes to improving environmental impacts. In the previous blogs … Read more