Alphabet Soup for Print’s Environmental Impact

The weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner There are many things that scientists love, but probably none more so than acronyms and absolutes, such as DC for Direct Current or PDF for Portable Document Format. Neither could be anything else, but even though scientists love to deal in absolutes, environmental science is notoriously inexact. Climate … Read more

Brought to Book

The weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner All the people who chat about print fading away must not haave noticed the rising number of book fairs around the world. The Jaipur Literary Festival is one that springs to mind. It started in 2006 and has grown to be the largest event of its kind. An … Read more

Environmentally Friendly Substrates

The weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner One of the biggest concerns with print’s environmental impact is disposing of it when it reaches end of life. Fortunately we have in place robust paper recycling supply chains and there is a thriving industry in paper recovery and reuse. There is a less well developed model for … Read more

PET Peeves Revisited

The weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner A couple of weeks ago we wrote about the Indian government wanting to ban PET packaging because of concerns about its stability. The blog elicited a surprising number of responses, but one from a Verdigris member, got us thinking more about it. PET containers are recyclable of course, … Read more