Deinking Simmering Along

The weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner We have had a terrific response to the idea that the industry would benefit from a deinking standard. Some of the response has been very positive, and some has been rather more tempered. Between established approaches such as INGEDE Method 11 and a host of bespoke approaches there … Read more

Awards Idea Looking for a Home

The weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner OK so here’s the thing. We would like to see an environmental award initiative for the graphic arts industry that cuts across geographies, technologies and printing sectors. This initiative would include a series of categories that are easy to understand and easy for printers, publishers and manufacturers to … Read more

Customers Starting to Care

The weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner Pushing the value of environmental awareness has been tough over the last forever of business slump and economic drear. But that doesn’t mean the environment has fallen from everyone’s agenda. Kodak and Agfa plus a bevy of their customers have stuck to their eco-guns and their efforts are … Read more

2014 Wish List

The weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner Across the industry, we are all looking forward to writing new stories in 2014, stories that tell of revenue growth and profitability, of new business and rising customer numbers. We all want more engagement and more dialogue with our markets and we all want to see printers and … Read more

FESPA Sustainability Awards

The weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner Fespa has added a Sustainability category to its prestigious international awards programme. We are honoured to have been invited to help judge the entries. Judging is always a tricky business, whether its kids at a Pony Club rally or an important industry award. In the case of the … Read more