Standard Practise & ISO 16759

The weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner These days standards govern every part of a successful printer’s life. Many printers choose to gain accreditation because they understand it’s a good way to keep demanding customers happy. Or because they want to measure their business against a set of external metrics. More and more printers are … Read more


The weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner Agfa Graphics has been working with an independent Flemish institute to find out more about print’s environmental impact, with some interesting results. VITO specialises in research into energy, environment and materials, and has been around for some thirty years. VITO has done a carbon footprint analysis of several … Read more


The weekly Verdigris blog by Laurel Brunner Welcome to our weekly Verdigris blog. This is the first of our blogs about what is going on with the Verdigris project, dealing with matters environmental for the printing industry. As we slide into the last few weeks of the pre drupa madness however, we are all being … Read more